There are many people or groups of people that can benefit from a coworking space, especially freelancers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.  Here’s why:


Typically, freelancers work from home or possibly even a coffee shop.  In either situation, ther is not much opportunity for interaction with others, or at least professional interactions with fellow business men and women.  A coworking space offers not only networking opportunities, but the chance for freelancers to feel part of a larger community; to get out of the house and go to an actual office, communicate with others, and build relationships.


Entrepreneurs often face the same challenges as freelancers, with the added responsibility of building and running a larger business.  Within a coworking space, entrepreneurs have the ability to meet others who have the same midset as them.  This also means that these relationships could potentially turn into partners, investors, employees, or even just frients.


Start-ups can also benefit from coworking spaces.  It’s often times much cheaper than a full office building, allowing the company to either save the extra money or even invest it elsewhere.  The space also gives the company the opportunity to make connections and build relationships with other people or companies.


Open Desk

  • $150/mo for 10 days a month
  • $175/mo for 15 days a month
  • $200/mo for the whole month

Dedicated Desk

  • $275/mo per desk


  • Peter “Chewbacca” Mayhew – $600/mo – 10×10
  • Inge – $500 – 8×9
  • Nutt Brothers – $575 -13×9
  • Brian Birdwell – $525 – 9×11
  • Leta Andrews – $500 – 7×9
  • Jesse James- $600 – 12×11

Besides these groups, small or even larger companies can enjoy the same benefits from coworking spaces as well.  The community and environment of coworking spaces opens up many doors and builds relationships in ways that traditional offices cannot.

On top of the already mentioned benefits, here at GreenSpace we offer extra amenities such as a conference room, coffee bar, and a collection of board games in the lobby.

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